By Marc Hall

Hey America, WAKE UP! You better, because there is a man in the NBA who is putting the bread in the basket, but wants you to wait in line for that bread. His name is Chris Paul, and he’s a Communist. It’s time to pull back the the curtain, the iron curtain, on CP3 and his Cold War on traditional American values. I have listed my reasoning for coming to this conclusion about CP3 below:

Steals and Assist Leader

The most damming evidence against Paul is how he plays the game. Chris has led the league in steals 4 times and assists twice. This is Marxism 101. He is taking from the hard working ball handlers of the NBA and redistributing the ball wealth to the lazy Blake Griffins of the world. It’s enough to make Atlas shrug. What Chris fails to realize though is that if you just give the ball to Blake Griffin to dunk he will become disenfranchised and lose the ability to create a shot for himself.

He Plays in LA

He first tried to get traded to the Lakers, but that got shot down. One week later though he gets traded to the Clippers. This guy obviously wanted to go to LA, the socialist hell-hole of America, a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, a place filled with nothing but heathens who value money and fame above even God Almighty. There seems to be only 2 decent human beings living their, Clint Eastwood and Angus T. Jones. You can see why a man like Chris Paul would want to live there. He wanted to be surrounded by a group of like minded individuals.

2008 Olympics

Paul joined the US national team in 2006 and his first Olympics was in 2008, IN CHINA! Convenient right? Sure he was hammering teams in the Olympics, but I’m sure off-court he was getting hammered, and sickled, in the teachings of Mao Zedong.

Connection to Barack Hussein Obama

As everyone knows, Barack Obama has been the most socialist President in US history. Trillions in debt, Obamacare, it’s been an Obamanation. Who would stand with this President? Chris Paul, that’s who. Paul fund raises for Obama and is on his Presidential fitness council. He even plays basketball with the president, except when they play it isn’t lob city, it’s ROB CITY. Robbing the American people of their money, their spirit, and their freedom.