By Michael Reed on 10/29/12

Spoilers for Homeland follow through last night’s “Q&A.” 

Last week, Congressman Brody had the worst day ever, and Carrie spiked the football, dropped the mic, and stomped on the logo of our politically ambivalent Congressman.[1] But what about this week? Did Carrie get into hot water with Estes for again doing the “Carrie being Carrie” routine? Did Peter ever find any good Indian food? Did someone explain to Saul that it’s OK to laugh?

1. Carrie Mathison

Code Name: Commissioner Gordon

Carrie Mathison is on a roll. After the entire first season had Carrie self-destructing privately before eventually self-destructing publicly, Carrie is now owning in a way that would make Liam Neeson jealous.[2] Not only she is proven right about her Brody suspicions, but now she is the one who eventually gets a confession out of him, and gets him to agree to start “working” with the CIA. Quite obviously, Carrie and Brody’s working relationship will remain completely by the books, because anytime the key to successfully interrogating a terrorist revolves around the interrogator repeatedly telling the terrorist that she loves him and wants him to leave his wife and kids….the CIA’s Human Resources department should just evacuate Langley now.

Since this is Homeland, a show that revels in yanking the carpet out from under its viewers as though red wine has just been spilled on it, the good vibes for Team Carrie will not last. Carrie may have been the “good cop” this week, but she’s got far too many bridges to burn to stay that way.

2. Nicholas Brody

Code Name: Private Littlefinger

Sgt. Nicholas Brody did what Tiger Woods would do; he went with the tall blonde. Sure, he was once again taken prisoner and tortured, this time by his own government, and Carrie was offering him an escape from that, but you have to wonder whether Brody, in his broken and unstable state, thought he might be getting an unexpected surprise when Carrie cut the surveillance cameras. So now Brody, through threat of a death sentence and being exposed as a traitor through his own entrepreneurial spirit, has created another new job for himself; he might not know what vitamin water is, but he’s one hell of a job creator. Brody’s resume now includes the illustrious triple agent title, as he will be working for the CIA to help figure out what his homeboy Abu Nazir is up to. Per the CIA’s request/command, he’s going to learn as much as he can about Nazir’s new plan without raising his former bff’s suspicions, which means keeping his fantasy football team name as “The Immortal Issas” in his Al Qaeda keeper league.

3. Peter Quinn

Code Name: You Mad Bro?!?!

With the endless line of television and movie police stories, the “good cop/ bad cop” bit is normally a non-occurrence for the audience. Yes, this bad guy won’t get a lawyer even though they asked nicely, but if they talk to the good cop they will get water and food and yada yada yada. Homeland knew this, and in between the Emmy whoring performances of Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, took its “bad cop” routine to Nolanian levels, as previously cool and sarcastic Peter Quinn decided his interrogating of Brody needed its own “magic trick.” His internal thought process went exactly as follows:

This Brody guy isn’t saying much here. Why won’t he admit to wearing a suicide vest? I admitted to wearing a tech vest when I was interviewing for this job, surely he can just do the same. I’m going to have to try a different technique, clearly. What does my “CIA Handbook when Interrogating Detained Congressmen who are Actually Terrorists” say? I can’t remember. I should do something awesome though, maybe to impress Carrie. But it might be too close to Valentine’s Day to start something up with her-Valentine’s Day with her might be comparable to spending time in Guantanamo. Shit, I shouldn’t make jokes like that anymore, even to myself. WAIT. I brought my knife with me, because it’s totally normal for me to have a knife like that with me. I’ll put it to his throat then take pictures of it and show it to him, that’s scary. NO WAIT I WILL JUST STAB HIS HAND IT’S COOL.

Quinn later implied to Saul it was part of the plan to go crazy and start Stabfest 2012 so Carrie could follow with her “Mother Theresa meets Slutty Mistress meets Hot Dr. Phil” routine. Regardless of whether it was part of the plan or not, the Enemy Combatant Intern will certainly be sure to get Mr. Quinn’s Indian food order exactly right next time.

What kind of laptop was Quinn rocking? Was it a Dell? It kind of looked like a Dell-inevitably next week’s storyline will revolve around it taking 30 minutes to play Brody’s 2 minute confession video.

3. Dana Brody

Code Name: Sally Draper Who?

Dana + Finn=vehicular manslaughter. The moral of the story is that only Jason Bourne can decide to drive like Jason Bourne, and you, Finn, are no Jason Bourne. Finn is the worst-he might be headed to the Joffrey Zone.

David Estes’ Fictional Creepy Late Night Text

“Yo carrie-good job w Brody-seems like you had him at hello hahaha.don’t get cocky tho, still have lots that reporter is dirty? That’s not good because I saw her this morning…… my bed lol- U still up?”

[1] The show has given little information regarding the policy stances of Congressman Brody, which is probably intentional. But what does he think about earmarks?!?!?!

[2] Taken Liam Neeson, not Love Actually Liam Neeson-though I would definitely be on board with a Love Actually sequel where his son, after chasing through security after yet another preteen sweetheart, is abducted by generic yet clearly intentional Eastern European villains.