By Madison Leonard

Cold opening:

So cold. So lame. I shall criticize in the style Tina Fey and Seth Meyers when they were partners on Weekend Update years ago: “Really? Really, SNL writers? You had the whole election week to come up with a great Romney blast, and that’s the best you could do? Really?” The bit about him secretly drinking milk and forgetting the names of all his similar-looking sons were alright, but not when they’re repeated four or five times. Now, I’m not saying Romney should be exempt from some good slams just because he lost this week, but make them good at least. A very disappointing start to the show.

Hostess with the Mostess:

However, things started looking up very quickly as soon as the hostess Anne Hathaway took the stage. On the complete other side of the spectrum, this opening scene with Hathaway was STELLAR. Jason Sudeikis opened the song, a parody of “One Day More” from the “Les Miserables” musical-turned-movie that is premiering December 14th, starring Hathaway as Fantine. The whole cast got wrapped up in this giant musical opener, mimicking all the vocal parts from the real song. For a huge Les Mis fan, this was pure bliss.

Hathaway continued to light up the stage throughout the rest of the episode, especially in the “Homeland” sketch, which was hilarious even to someone that has never watched the Showtime hit. Hathaway’s over-the-top depiction of the main actress from the show was undeniably funny, and made even funnier after watching some clips from the real show and realizing… that Hathaway was not actually exaggerating all that much.

Another highlight of the night was the “American gothic painting” with Sudeikis, telling the alleged back-story of the duo in the renowned work of art. Hathaway’s goofiness and ease on the live stage was impressive, although it shouldn’t be surprising considering this is the same girl introduced to us all as Mia Thermopolis in “Princess Diaries” oh-so many years ago. Well done, Hathaway. Well done.

Cringe Moments

The McDonald’s skit featuring Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong was well-intended but completely beat into the ground. The awful “burns” that each person dished out to fellow co-workers were funny at first, but then they repeated the joke another 15 times. If I’ve ever learned anything from watching Roasts on MTV, it’s that the best zingers are quick and too the point. (Yes, I’ve learned things from MTV…)

The “Girlfriends” talk show was perhaps not completely cringe-worthy, but definitely started off slow, recycling overused teenage valley girl characters. By the end, they set up some nice lines for Aidy Bryant, giving her a surprising, yet totally deserved amount of spotlight as a first-season rookie.

Weekend Update:

After seeing the lame Obama sketch on Weekend Update this week, I’m driven to believe that all the political juices were gone for the writing staff this week, too. Oh well, I suppose the writers and Pharoah have another four years to improve….

After a funny bit between Fred Armisen and Bill Hader as the “gay couple from Maine,” came the saving grace of this week’s Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle. Politics aside, the fact that there are actually so many people like Bobby Moynihan’s character is I think why so much of the humor hits home. Why, you might even have an uncle like him. Yikes.

Quotable Quotes

“According to polls, President Obama’s victory on Tuesday was due largely to his popularity with college students and the unemployed. So basically, Obama became President the same way Budweiser became the ‘King of Beers’.”

“A new study suggests that men that are chronic, heavy drinkers suffer damage to the parts of the brain that involve understanding and processing emotion. Which, if I’m not mistaken, is the point.”

(Drunk Uncle)

“And when we voted, you’d pull the damn lever like a man.”

“If you wanted a house of representatives, you built one yourself.”

“Yeah, I hoard. But you know what I hoard? 1950s Playboys and dignity.”

“So I didn’t shoot for the stars, ok? So I didn’t go to electoral college.”

(About making up fake allergies) “If you can’t fake it, make it. Flaritin.”