By Ben Holcomb

It’s all come down to this in the Nickelodeon Region. You all came out in droves for the last round, which could’ve easily been swayed by the coalesced votes of a medium sized Girl Scouts troupe, and your voices were heard1. Doug and Hey! Arnold were the two best shows on Nickelodeon in the Nineties.

It’s great that we got to that conclusion, and I’d suggest the thought of us all grabbing ice cream at this point if not for the pressing fact that this is a tournament, and only one of these shows is allowed to advance. It’s like the ending ofHunger Games that should’ve happened. Devoid of the boring romantic melodrama between Katniss and that weird guy who painted his face like a rock, we could have truly realized just how ruthless and loyal Katniss was with an epic fight to the death.

We won’t withhold that excitement from you now. Here’s what the final version of the bracket looks like. The winner of this region will move on to the other side of the Final Four, one victory away from the Championship Game.

(1) Doug v. (3) Hey! Arnold

Similar to the last region, you have to side with one of these shows. You could’ve liked both, but you can only fight for one. Doug represents the early nineties, full of hope and the occasional violent Mogadishu flashback. The late nineties had Hey! Arnold, political sex scandals and optimism for a new millennium. Well, that or Y2K.

You only have one vote. Make it the right one. This is the only election that matters in the next 14 days or so. Voting for this region ends on Friday, in which we will reveal our third region, the Cartoon Network Bracket.

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  1. Loud and clearly, to be honest, with a perfect understanding for every single syllable you each said. It wasn’t that hard.