By Ben Holcomb

It’s been a while. When you’re a sports & entertainment site powered by college studentsforcollege students, it’s fair to assume that the end of semester may prove to be a dead zone for your publication. That’s not fully the case with us here at Wine & Cheese, but we are all seeking higher education and with that comes the burden of studying from time to time. It’s why we’ve dipped a bit in posts over the last two weeks, but do not fret – we will be back and bigger than ever within a week or two. For now, we continue our (in)famous tournament by updating the results of the Miscellaneous Region as we also plan to move forward.

We’re winding down on this region, and that means we’re also winding down on the tournament as a whole. Your decisions matter more than ever. Before, when you couldn’t see the impact of your foolish choices, shows like Pokemon somehow made it all the way to the final four; and now, like the children of our country’s future, we’re going to have to pay for your folly. But there is still time to correct your mistakes. We can mold the remaining rounds enough to salvage what started as such an ambitious and promising experiment in human thought and participation. This is what the region looks like after 2.5 rounds:

(1) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air v. (5) Recess

There were a few major upsets in the last round. Most notably, the Magic Schoolbus and Home Improvement were wiped off the floor of this region, tossed aside like raggedy dolls as voters seemed to forget all the wonderful times they shared with each show. And now we’re left with two major match-ups, the first of which is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Recess. Now this may seem like a blowout on paper, and I won’t argue that it if you tend to think along those lines, but Recess has all the makings of an underdog. It’s a cartoon, cult classic from the Disney channel that was relatable for everyone in our age bracket. Furthermore, it proved to be marketable, in that they produced a feature length film and sold more merchandise than Fresh Prince ever did.

With that said, Will Smith, in the years that followed Fresh Prince, quite obviously made bank. There’s a reason Fresh Prince is the #1, but it will have to have a strong showing in Round Three to help ensure Recess stays at bay.

(14) Batman v. (7) Arthur

Batman v. Arthur. It’s hard to have predicted these would be the two teams facing off in the bottom semi-finals of the Miscellaneous Region. Batman had to get through two hugely popular shows in TMNT and Full House, but it did so in dramatic fashion, almost shutting out Full House in the last round. Arthur had an easier path, but it did dominate the #2 Magic Schoolbus in round two so this match-up could go either way.

But I will say this – if Batman and Arthur got into a fist fight, I just have really strong convictions that say Arthur wouldn’t stand a chance. For one, he’s in like 5th grade, and he’s a nerdy aardvark, so I just think he has the distinct disadvantage against a crime fighting superhero. This is all conjecture though. Either way, it’s not how we’re judging this tournament, so I regret mentioning it.

Two choices. It’s all you have to make this week. Spend five seconds, click a few buttons below, and become a part of something bigger than yourself. Of course, your participation means you also share the burden of the blame, but…whatever. You’ll have until Monday to vote, so get it done, spread the word, and let’s finish strong. As always, only one vote per match-up. Godspeed.