By Ben Holcomb

Welp, we took a week off. It turns out there are a few – and only a few – minor issues with having a website run primarily by college students. The first among these is that when the end of term comes around, all of your writers must take a break. And that’s what we did. We all hit the library, studied hard, and prayed to the good Lord above that the high capacity of articles we left in our wake would be enough to maintain our viewership through the long winter. In essence, we hoped the week long absence was just enough time for you, our reader, to chew through our website’s fat, leaving us this week with a lean, svelt sports & entertainment site for the thinking man.

You should thank us that we left you with the DJ Al Walser piece. After all, I wrote that article and I still don’t know what’s going on with that story. The details of that fiasco need to be ingested more than a dozen times, in my opinion, before one can truly understand the magnitude of that situation.

Because we left on hiatus, the tournament, which itself is on it’s last dying fumes, took a breather too. But we’re back, and have only three more installments before the winner is announced. Batman & the Fresh Prince handled business in the last round, setting up an epic regional final that will put Will Smith against The Dark Knight. Here’s what the bracket looks like now, followed of course, by the match-up breakdown:

(1) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air v. (14) Batman

It was woefully under-valued at the beginning of this region, but the cartoon version of Batman has since more than made up for that fact by advancing all the way to the regional finals. It’s last challenged is now its biggest, and that comes in the form of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The Fresh Prince was a game changing situational comedy the likes of which haven’t necessarily been duplicated with the same effect. It was a creative and interesting spin on the “Fish out of Water” trope, pitting a young and charismatic, urban Will Smith in the middle of high society in Bel-Air. The characters were fun, outrageous, and somehow, deep down, easy to relate with.

And yet still, the Fresh Prince faces its biggest foe yet in Batman. Batman was about as serious as a cartoon about a man dressed in a bat costume can be. It was the most realistic and gritty version of Batman anyone had seen to date, which has since changed with the Dark Knight trilogy, but for that to be the truth for a cartoon, speaks volumes. It won multiple Emmy’s and is still considered one of the greatest cartoons of all-time.

So what’s it going to be? Who’s going to join Hey! Arnold, Boy Meets World, and Pokemon in the final four of our illustrious Ultimate Tournament? Will a third cartoon advance? Or will the finals be evened out by a second live-action show? The choice is yours. You’ll have until Monday to figure this one out.

Get to voting people. And spread the word on Twitter. The time is now.

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